12 Great South Asian Characters In Recent Movies And Television

After many years of South Asian characters in movies and TV being largely stereotypical side characters, there’s recently been a shift in Hollywood. In recent years, there are more and more examples of leading characters played by actors who have roots in India and Pakistan, among other locations in South Asia. Plus, they tell stories that don’t put them into a small boxes, and represent a larger experience that is what representation in film and TV is all about. 

We all deserve to be seen on the big and small screen, and characters like these open more doors for this community that makes up 25 percent of the population of the world. From regency romance to a Marvel superhero, we’re celebrating some recent great South Asian characters in movies and television. Check it out: 

Simone Ashley and Jonathan Bailey as Kate and Anthony in Bridgerton Season 2

(Image credit: Netflix)

Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley) – Bridgerton