A Sanctified Art Selah—We're Taking a Brief Pause This Summer (2022) — A Sanctified Art

A Sanctified Art Selah—We’re Taking a Brief Pause This Summer (2022) — A Sanctified Art

In the psalms, selah is often understood as a pause or the invitation to take a breath. This summer, we as a creative team are taking a short pause. Three of us—Lauren Wright Pittman, Anna Strickland, and Lisle Gwynn Garrity—are all pregnant with children arriving sometime this April and May.*

Yes, you read that correctly—we have three babies on the way, all arriving sometime this spring. In case you are new to our ministry, we are a small team, and the three of us who are expecting are also the ones most involved in sustaining the daily operations of our work. Therefore, instead of pressing forward as usual, we are taking a short sabbatical over the summer while the three of us bond with our children and begin this new chapter as first-time parents.

Please read over the section below to learn more about what’s coming next and how we can (and can’t) support you throughout our selah.

We happily accept your grace and your prayers as we navigate this exciting and unique time—both in our lives and in the life of A Sanctified Art.

*We are aware that pregnancy announcements can often be tender and triggering. If you hold grief or trauma related to childbearing, we see you. This blog post is a good resource for anyone navigating these issues in ministry and pastoral care.

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