Freeport movie theater celebrates 100 years with special film series

Built in 1922, the Lindo Theatre celebrates 100 years of cinema in downtown Freeport. On Wednesday, April 20, 2022, the theater had a special showing of the silent movie "Miss Lulu Bett," the first movie shown at the Lindo Theatre.

FREEPORT — Just one hundred decades back, the Lindo Theatre opened in downtown Freeport with the demonstrating of the silent movie “Miss Lulu Bett” at an admission value of $2.50, which by specifications then was an high-priced ticket for the VIP crowd that gathered in the newly developed $250,000 theatre named immediately after Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas, who made Freeport well known with their downtown debates.

On Wednesday, the Lindo performed “Miss LuLu Bett” once more, charging $2.50 a individual again, in honor of its 100-year anniversary.

Once once more, a significant group gathered to be component of background. Some came to see what a movie from 1922 was like.

Willis and Shirley Johnson, who procured the Lindo Theatre in 1984, greeted theatergoers as they entered the theater. The Johnsons are responsible for the theater’s renovations, which flip the space into a multiplex cinema.