Movie filmed in Yakima area will have premiere Friday at Yakima Cinema | Local

A movie filmed in Yakima and Toppenish will get a red-carpet premiere Friday in Yakima.

All Sorts,” written and directed by J. Rick Castañeda, will premiere at 8:36 p.m. at Yakima Cinema, 1305 N. 16th Ave.

Cast and crew will be at the movie premiere, which will feature a red carpet and photo opportunities, like Sunday at the Oscars.

“All Sorts” is a movie about a lonely data entry clerk who stumbles into the world of championship folder filing. It’s a quirky comedy about finding magic in everyday life. The main character, Diego, is desperate to find a job, excitement and love. New on the job at a strange company, Diego stumbles into an incredibly fast filer named June, and the two journey through a wildly unexpected office adventure, according to a news release.

The 94-minute movie was filmed in 2018 in the Yakima area by the Los Angeles production company Vibrant Penguin and required a combined effort from more than 300 people. Some of the actors are from here.

“We used 150 background actors as well, we have a lot of crowd scenes. So it’s very likely that if you’re from the Yakima area, you might see yourself or one of your friends,” Castañeda said.

The film stars Eli Vargas, Luis Deveze, Greena Park and Mike Markoff.

Castañeda grew up in Granger making movies. He found a lot of support from the community, like using the police chief’s police car, Castañeda said.

“I loved making films in the Yakima Valley,” he said.

All Sorts

June (Green Park) slicks her fingers with Sortkwik as she prepares for a folder filing competition to begin in the movie “All Sorts,” which was filmed in Yakima. A premiere is planned Friday in Yakima.

Castaneda said “All Sorts” is a community made movie. They were filming in Franklin Park and didn’t have access to water needed for the shot and ended up knocking on doors. The city of Yakima gets credit at the end of the film.

“We have the logo at the very end of the film, because everybody was so nice, the city was so nice to help us out. Everybody got excited and it was a lot of fun,” Castañeda said.

Premieres in Walla Walla, Richland, Yakima and Sunnyside will be the first live screenings of “All Sorts” in theaters. The film was streamed online for other film festivals such as the Raindance Film Festival and the Seattle Film Festival.

“You know what’s really exciting? This film has been seen all over the world now. I’m so excited to play it for the people that helped make it,” Castañeda said.

A question-and-answer session with cast and crew will take place at the end of the movie showing in Yakima. Anybody can ask questions about how the movie was made. It’s a great glimpse into the whole movie world, Castañeda said. Poster signings also are planned.