Savannah GA needs an arthouse movie theater

Patrons wait outside the Ben Tucker Theater at the Savannah Cultural Arts Center for a CinemaSavannah screening.

I have directed movie systems for almost 40 decades. My degrees were being in 18th and 19th century American Literature, but I recognized quite early in my tutorial vocation that my genuine passion was intercontinental cinema.

As an immigrant from Poland training writing at a rural Ga university in the 1980s, I missed superior cinema, specifically international and arthouse movies, so, collectively with a senior colleague (who grew to become a lifelong close friend), we launched Cinema Arts Plan, a weekly campus film sequence which ran consistently for 21 a long time, until 2008. For a long time, equally of us also directed an inter-disciplinary Movie Scientific studies Software.

Extra:Savannah won’t have an arthouse motion picture theater, but it really is not from a lack of striving

I moved from Statesboro to Savannah in the late 1990s, all over the time SCAD introduced its now nationally recognized once-a-year film pageant, but the city experienced no year-long movie program or series.