The Bad Guys Voice Cast: Where You’ve Seen And Heard The Stars Before

When it comes to animated films, DreamWorks is one of the kings. From Shrek to How To Train Your Dragon, DreamWorks has made some amazing films in its time. My personal favorite has always been the amazing biblical musical, The Prince of Egypt, but now, a new film has come to join that list of awesome animated movies – The Bad Guys. 

Debuting as part of the 2022 movie release schedule, The Bad Guys is the latest DreamWork’s venture, which follows a gang of animals who are criminals and try to pull off the ultimate heist, but when they are caught, have to pretend they want to be reformed citizens. Here is the cast of The Bad Guys and where you might have seen or heard them before. 

Sam Rockwell's character in The Bad Guys.

(Image credit: Dreamworks/Fox Searchlight Pictures)

Sam Rockwell (Mr. Wolf)