Bringing New Art to America

Russian-born artist and designer Iuliia Pozdina brings a lot to the table–including artistic and design innovations that are already helping American businesses and advancing our art industry. Iuliia Pozdina has worn a lot of hats in her creative career. She started out by getting her architectural degree at Russia’s Perm Construction College in 2011. After that, she worked as a commercial artist in visual merchandising. Meanwhile, she was spending much of her off hours painting fine art for individual patrons.

Three years later  she moved to Los Angeles, where she applied her talents to a variety of fields. She continued producing fine art for clients. Meanwhile, her day job varied widely. She worked as an art tutor, fashion designer, content creator for a sound engineer, and production assistant for an Amazon television series.She brought her unique style and strong work ethic to the table everywhere she went.

Onward and Upward

Her career has continued to advance in Los Angeles. She has managed this through a combination of diligence, quality work, and versatility.

She also has a continuing dedication to further improvement of her current skills, as well as expanding them. Since arriving in Los Angeles, she has pursued more training. This includes a certificate in digital photography at Los Angeles City College. In addition, she is currently pursuing further training in digital art.

During that time, she was also amassing a huge portfolio of fine art, largely watercolors. These were displayed in gallery exhibitions all over the city. This includes the international and modern art gallery AzziArt in Los Angeles. She continues to hold exhibitions of her work in the Los Angeles area.

Mastering a Difficult Medium

Before branching out into photography and digital art, Iuliia worked primarily in watercolors, as can be seen in her body of work. This is not an easy medium to master, but Iuliia has done so well enough to develop not just one, but multiple artistic styles.

Her watercolor work is as versatile as she is, and so is its subject matter. It mixes bold portraits with dreamy landscapes. Some compositions use dark silhouettes against pale or intense colors. Some of her work uses hand-lettering as well. The brushwork is structural and deliberate. The use of color ranges from subtle to dramatic depending on how she uses the watercolors.

This same sense of style and composition carries over into her digital artwork as well. This includes the use of color, silhouette, and gesture to convey meaning.

Current Projects and Plans

Besides putting together more art exhibitions and working as a freelance fine artist, Iuliia is currently working as an illustrator for a children’s book, and continuing her studies in digital art.

She is currently expanding her body of work, while seeking to build a Los Angeles-based business based on her skills and experience. Recently Iuliia opened her company “Iuliia Pozdina Artist Studio LLC”. In the future she’s planning to open art classes for kids and workshops for adults.

You can find out more about Iulia and her work, including an extensive online portfolio, on her website at

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