BSA Film Friday: 11.18.22

BSA Film Friday: 11.18.22 | Brooklyn Street Art

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Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening:
1. BANKSY in Borodyanka, Ukraine
2. The Wanderers – Dabs & Myla. A Film by Selina Miles
3. The Wanderers – Elliott Routledge. A Film by Selina Miles

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Banky installations by this point can feel quite staged, right down to the manner of their unveiling. Here in the Ukraine where his recent works have been presented, the unstaged and personal qualities of this short video brings a devastating rawness to the art/activism event. Without pontificating, the near-tears Ukranian, the self-grooming cat, the quietness of people snapping photos – all tell us so much about this moment.

BANKSY in Borodyanka, Ukraine

The Wanderers – DabsMyla. A film by Selina Miles

The Australian-originated Los Angeles-based duo, DabsMyla, returns down under to paint a mural in the heart of Surry Hills, Sydney. In this episode of Selina Miles’ The Wanderers, we see the duo paint a 20-meter-tall mural as an homage to one of their earliest artistic inspirations, Brett Whiteley.”

Elliott Routledge, The Wanderers

“Abstract Artist, Elliott Routledge, journeys to a remote Aboriginal community in the Tiwi Islands. We follow Elliott as he paints a series of artworks, and learns about the artistic history, cultural practices, and techniques of local indigenous artists.” The Wanderers

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