Is there freedom in art? – Veronica Winters Painting

Is there freedom in art? – Veronica Winters Painting

Is there freedom in art?

I don’t paint what I’m told to paint. There’re a couple of reasons that you may or may not understand right now depending on your art career timeline or a difference in profession.

Art is about having total freedom to express yourself. Have you noticed that commissions never look as beautiful, free or accomplished? That’s because of the mental pressure artist feels to create something to please someone. Sometimes it turns into a mental block. Sometimes there is no creativity left in ordered art. Sometimes people who commission art boss the artist. A lot. The result is neither beautiful nor what people wanted…Art is the opposite of repetitive, mechanical work. Art is not graphic design work either.
Painting what the artist wants, feels, thinks and desires is the most creative, beautiful and emotional work.
Some paintings may not speak to you, while others may bring you to tears or let you feel inspired. That’s the essence of art. We like different things and that’s okay! 

My art has changed a lot over the years as I’ve changed quite a lot inside. Art is a personal experience and self-expression. I do appreciate all of you who have followed and collected my art over the years. It’s important for me to see that my art resonates with you.  I hope you’ll continue following my journey.

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